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Warm welcome and greetings at Trichy in Apostolic church of India Chennai diocese unit

Awarded certification of recognition as Episcopal Minister
ROI welcomes our new family Pr. Shibu and sister Sheeba as the editor of our ROI BULLETIN which is to be published quaterly
We are glad to introduce Pastor Wilson C.J as the Spiritual Messenger for ROI BULLETIN



Programmes in association with Seva Bharat

  • Our sincere gratitude to Rev.Kamla Chiranjeevi leading Seva Bharath. In partnership with Seva Bharat. We are really blessed. In their support we were able to conduct many adult literacy centre in Bihar. Where we are able to give them income generation training, health awareness camp as well …… them know the eternal truth of salvation which will set them free.

    In west Bengal with the partnership with Seva Bharat we were able to network with many churches through the CBC Project.

    From bottom of our heart we can only salute Rev.Kamla Chiranjeevi for her and their organization endeavors to being a bridge to connect the nation with love, knowledge and skills. God bless you and your ministry.

  • Timothy Biblical foundation Course held at ROI Training centre Patna ,Bihar,
  • New tailoring centre was inaugurated in patna, Patliputra.

  • Asha kiran project launched three new products. Detergent named as ROI Jothi ,White phenol as Alpha Phenol, Bathroom cleaner as Harpic. The women associated with the project are thrilled and excited.
Spiritual Endeavour
  • Powerful servant of God Pastor Wilson and Pastor Jose visited Bihar,West Bengal,and Orissa. Believers were touched by the Holy spirit, many were filled with Holy Spirit receiving the gift of tongue, many delivered from sickness and from the bondages of evil forces.

  • Children’s club training programme was conducted with the partnership of Seva bharat.
Prayer Points
  • Effective,commited workers to be involved in the field.
  • A four wheel van for orphanage.
  • A committed couple to be in charge of Agape cottage orphanage.
ROI Mission at Patna. Bihar

Christmas programme turned many to lord.

Patna Bihar 001 Patna Bihar 003
Patna Bihar 002 Patna Bihar 007

Children performing action songs

Patna Bihar 005 Patna Bihar 004

A message of Jesus birth from Agape cottage kid

Patna Bihar 006

Agape Kids getting introduced to Guest.

Patna Bihar 008 Patna Bihar 009

Agape Kids Performing an Action song in front of Guest.

Patna Bihar 010 Patna Bihar 011

ROI intervention in Village Jha Jha at Bihar.

Patna Bihar 012 Patna Bihar 013
Patna Bihar 014 Patna Bihar 015
Patna Bihar 016 Patna Bihar 018
Patna Bihar 017 Patna Bihar 019

Sharing Gospel in Patna Prayer fellowship.

Patna Bihar 021 Patna Bihar 022
Patna Bihar 020
West Bengal
  • NFE centre was inaugurated in oodlabari area with a student strength of thirty. In the project Asha Kiran . Three new products where launched named as ROI Millan blue Nile, Incense Stick known as ROI Tista Incense sticks and ROI Candles.
Spiritual Endeavour
  • Powerful servant of God Pastor Wilson and Pastor Jose visited West Bengal Which gave a big thrust to the spiritual movement there, it was a. great blessing to them. God has helped them to start a New Church in Oodlabari.
Prayer Points
  • Holy spirit to guide and lead local workers to plant new church in kranti.
  • A two wheeler for the chief functionary.
  • Sponsor a space on rent for training centre.( Amount 3000/- Indian Rupees Monthly)
  • A survey to has been conducted in Cuttack suburban areas to locate and identify the needy area to start the operation. New districts has been selected. Bhubneswar has been decided to be the ROI Centre for Orrisa.
Spiritual Endeavour
  • Pastors meetings has been conducted in cuttack and burgad districts.A Prayer walk has been planned in cuttack targeting the strong holds.
Prayer Points
  • New powerful workers in the field.
  • ROI Center to be established in Bhubneswar.
  • Pray that God to touch bring peace in all the cities.
ROI Mission streaching hands for Orissa Victims.

ROI taking initiatives to resettle Orissa Victim fled to Kerala State.With the support of state government and with the help of different individuals and Churches it was possible to give shelter and the day to day basic need of twelve families and five bachelors, but this was for a small period of time. God has helped ROI to stretch out to work for a permanent settlement of the twelve families and five bachelors at present residing at a government camp at kakanad, Ernakulam Dist.Kerala State. In the coming months they will be provided Jobs and individual as a single family unit settlement at their work place .

Orissa 04 Orissa 03
Orissa 02 Orissa 01
  • Old age home giving shelter and health care for homeless.
  • Counselling section with ex-parties coming from different states to south.
  • Fighting law and order cases to give the rights to the destitute and needy.
Spiritual Endeavour
  • Special meetings with pastors and lay leaders to take different sessions on spiritual exercise.
  • Among the business community and among the lawyers a special meetings had been arranged to make Jesus known to them.
Prayer Points
  • To establish proper old age Home with all its amenities
  • To have a ROI Training centre in Coimbatore district.
  • More spiritual and social workers in the field to be placed
ROI Ministries in Tamilnadu State.

At coimbatore great presence of Holy spirit was experienced in the meeting day one.

Tamilnadu 022 Tamilnadu 021
Tamilnadu 020 Tamilnadu 019
Tamilnadu 018 Tamilnadu 017
Tamilnadu 016 Tamilnadu 015
Tamilnadu 014 Tamilnadu 013
Tamilnadu 012 Tamilnadu 011
Tamilnadu 014 Tamilnadu 013
Tamilnadu 010 Tamilnadu 009
Tamilnadu 008 Tamilnadu 007
Tamilnadu 006 Tamilnadu 005
Tamilnadu 004 Tamilnadu 003
Tamilnadu 002 Tamilnadu 001
Tamilnadu 027 Tamilnadu 023
Tamilnadu 024 Tamilnadu 025
Tamilnadu 026

At day second immense presence of Holy spirit, changed and transformed the core group of ROI churches at Coimbatore.

Tamilnadu 028 Tamilnadu 029
Tamilnadu 030 Tamilnadu 031
Tamilnadu 032 Tamilnadu 033
Tamilnadu 034 Tamilnadu 035
Tamilnadu 036 Tamilnadu 037
Tamilnadu 038
  • Work among the drug addicts with special counselling sessions and rehabilitation in full swing. Reaching to the eunuch community and counselling them to get them into main stream , provide common skilled and unskilled job to live a standard and settled life.
Spiritual Endeavour
  • Powerful servant of Sister Sindhu visited Baleshwar district and powerful presence of lord was felt in different prayer meetings held.
  • A visit of Pastor Wilson was made in Thane district miracle healings and deliverance was witnessed.
Prayer Points
  • A de addiction center to be established in Vasai.
  • More committed spiritual and social workers in the field to be placed.
  • A Training centre to be established for destitute youth, eunuchs for livelyhood training to be given
Utter Pradesh
  • NFE centre was inaugurated in Doomri village area with astudent strength of thirty. Fighting law and order cases to give the rights to the destitute and needy. A survey has been conducted in Baliya area to locate and identify the needy area to start the operation.
Spiritual Endeavour
  • Special meetings with pastors and lay leaders to take different sessions on spiritual exercise. Lay leaders meetings has been conducted in Baliya districts.
  • A church had been planted in Domri village.
Prayer Points
  • Holy spirit to guide and lead local workers to plant new church in Baliya.
  • A two wheeler for the chief functionary.
  • More spiritual and social workers in the field to be placed
  • We are pleased to inform that God has helped us to form the board in Cochin for Kerala State. The board has decided to start the activities in three districts of Kerala. Palakkad Ernakulam, and Kottayam.

    The main focus area

  1. To meet the need of the exodus taking place from North India to Kerala State for Job.
  2. To conduct survey in the suburban areas to find the actual need among the destitute families and people living below poverty level.
  3. To start micro finance and income generation projects.
Spiritual Endeavour
  • Board has planned to conduct a pastors meeting in Ernakulam and introduce ROI to Kerala Spiritual Leaders in the month of October.
  • To Plan and conduct special meetings to teach and guide to promote Spiritual exercises and the need to be aware of the need of our neighbours .
Prayer Points
  • ROI centre to be established in Cochin.
  • A Four wheeler to move in the field.
  • Spirit filled dedicated and committed workers in the field to stand firm to do His Will.
ROI Mission in Kerala State

Catering word of God for North Indian Community in South India.through “Bhojpouri Sangeeth and Hindi language songs and messages” in Four Districts of Kerala State .Hundreds poured in to know Jesus in different parts of Kerala State. In Ernakulam District. our intervention with “New Life Church”was a beautiful experience

Kerala 002 Kerala 001
Kerala 003 Kerala 004
Kerala 005 Kerala 006
Kerala 008 Kerala 007
Kerala 010 Kerala 011
Kerala 009 Kerala 012

Singing and sharing the word in the running train. Amazing experience passengers where left no choice, rather than to listen.

Kerala 013 Kerala 014
Kerala 015

Praying and getting ready for a road side open air meeting to held at Palghat district, Kerala State.

Kerala 016 Kerala 017
Kerala 053 Kerala 054
Kerala 020 Kerala 018
Kerala 019

North Indian Meet Held with Bhojpori Geeth at Trichur District at Kerala State. Many Accepting Lord Jesus as their personal Saviour.

Kerala 023 Kerala 024
Kerala 021 Kerala 022
Kerala 026 Kerala 028
Kerala 027 Kerala 025
Kerala 029 Kerala 030
Kerala 031 Kerala 034
Kerala 033 Kerala 032
Kerala 023

Meetings as Bhojpori Sangeeth samalan held at Trivandrum. District and Capital town of Kerala State. Many turning to Christ .Knowing the Truth and Truth has set them free.

Kerala 036 Kerala 037
Kerala 038 Kerala 039
Kerala 040 Kerala 041
Kerala 045 Kerala 042
Kerala 043 Kerala 044

Reaching to the un reached with love of God Jesus . hilly end at Attapadi a small tribal group settled by Kerala Government at Palghat district Kerala state.

Kerala 046 Kerala 047
Kerala 048 Kerala 049
Kerala 055 Kerala 050
Kerala 051 Kerala 052